Julius Schlosman

My personal background

I was born in Latvia in 1971 and attended the music high school in Riga. To compensate for the many hours of daily violin practice, I spent my free time fishing on the nearby lake and rivers. As a child and teenager, I had to experience a restrictive societal structure prior to Latvia’s declaration of independence from the USSR in 1990. The experience of societal transformation aroused my interest in understanding how the state and individuals interact.

In 1990, after graduating from high school in Riga, I managed to take up tertiary university studies in Vienna. Since then, Austria has become my chosen home.

I have been happily married for over 20 years and live in Vienna with my wife and our two children.

My lifelong interest in art and culture has brought with it a desire for creativity and harmony even in perceived dry subjects such as procedural law. My love of nature provides me with the necessary inner balance.

I provide consultancy services to my clients in German, English and Russian.

My professional career

I founded my first service company at the age of 21 while still studying business administration in Vienna. I quickly realised how important the support of a tax advisor is for practical entrepreneurship in Austria.

Unfortunately, as an entrepreneur I had to make the experience myself that the professional support I hoped for from a tax advisor was not always as straightforward to obtain. This unfortunate experience was the impetus for me to think again and again in the course of my life about how the client-consultant relationship can be improved and consequently how a wide range of potential for success can be realised.

In my 30s, I also worked as a management consultant for major industrial projects, mainly in other European countries. During this time, I became familiar with the importance of planning concerning taxation and duties and deepened my practical understanding of accounting as an instrument of corporate management. I decided to start training as a tax consultant.

The many years of work and consulting experience I have gained in the meantime in topics related to taxation and customs duties in Austria confirm to me time and again that choosing tax consultant as a profession was absolutely the right choice for me. I am a tax consultant with a passion.


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E-mail: office@js-steuerberatung.at

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Mo - Fri: 8:30 am - 2 pm
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